Right now, insurance companies can reduce your access to the drugs you need.
Help us change the law. Help us protect your health.

You commit to a health insurance plan. Make the insurance company commit to you.

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Right now, you can help New York Health Works protect millions of NYS residents who are insured by commercial health insurance plans.

Contact your legislator and encourage them to support bills S5022-A and A2317-A that prevent commercial health insurance plans from changing medications on their formularies mid-way through the coverage year by:

  • Removing drugs patients need from their drug formularies (drug lists)
  • Moving drugs patients need to a higher cost tier

WHY: Non Medical Switching can significantly increase patients’ out-of-pocket costs and cause serious medical issues for patients whose treatment gets interrupted.

All patients deserve consistent health coverage. You can make a difference.

New York State Senator Sue Serino and Assembly Member Crystal Peoples-Stokes sponsor legislation, S.5022-A and A.2317-A , that protects New York patients against non-medical switching, or negative mid-year formulary changes.

Right now, New York has no rules restricting non-medical switching for the commercial health insurance industry. New York also does not protect patients from negative medication formulary changes between plan years, which can have adverse effects on patients receiving ongoing treatment. The proposed legislation amends insurance law and clarifies that patients covered by commercial health insurance plans are protected from the adverse effects of non-medical switching. This bill ensures that all commercial health plans will continue coverage for necessary prescription medications during the course of the enrollment year.


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You can follow the latest news and information with regard to Senate Bill No. S.5022 and Assembly Bill No. A.2317 by visiting New York Health Works.