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Living a Normal Life With Heart Disease

According to the CDC, about 18.2 million American adults (around 6.7%) age 20 and older have coronary artery disease, the most common type of heart disease. Heart disease can be a stressful and scary condition to live with, but it can be managed. With rehab and collaboration with a health care team, many individuals with

Practicing Healthy Self-Care in the New Year

Staying healthy can be hard. We all live busy lives and sometimes stressful lives, and that can make taking a few hours a week to focus on yourself and your health an easy thing to overlook. But taking some time to take care of yourself and your mental and physical health is important! Here are

Fun & Fruity Holiday Desserts

The holiday season is here! A tasty dessert is a staple of any holiday meal, and we have a few favorites that won’t just wow your guests with flavor, but also have a healthy serving of fruit. Plus, they’re fun to make!

How to Stay Happy & Healthy With Diabetes

According to the CDC, over 1 in 10 Americans have diabetes, and 1 in 3 adults are categorized as pre-diabetic. While diabetes does come with a number of complications, it is not a death sentence: individuals with diabetes can still live happy, healthy lives. In this infographic, we’ll give you some tips from health organizations

This Year in Health News (So Far)

This year has again been a busy one for health news, so New York Health Works has put together a recap of all of the important health information from the year so far. Read on to see what went on in the world of health and medicine since January 2021! COVID vaccination rates continue to

Keeping Your Meds Safe and Organized: The Ultimate Checklist

When it comes to medicine, proper storage is essential to ensuring medicine efficacy. Taking the right steps when storing your medicines isn’t difficult, but it does require the proper knowledge of best practices. Below we’ll go into detail on some of those best practices, and also talk about what makes proper medicine storage so important.

What You Need To Know About COPD

COPD- or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease- is a condition that affects over 15 million Americans. It is also a chronic illness that many are not familiar with — but information and raising awareness can help to change that. Here’s what you need to know about COPD.  What is COPD?  According to the CDC, COPD is

5 Questions To Ask Your Pharmacist

On a busy day, picking up your prescriptions can be a process you rush to get done just like any other errand. But if you’re starting a new medication, talking to your pharmacist is an important part of using your medication properly. So what are the most important questions to ask?  What is the name

Seven Fun & Free Things To Do With Your Kids (Or Dogs)

Finding fun things to do when you are a caretaker can be difficult — and pricy. Here are 7 fun things to do with your kids or pets that are totally free and will help you stay active!

5 Ways to Seamlessly Add Vegetables to Your Fourth of July

4th of July is coming! Getting together with friends or family and firing up the grill is a staple of festivities, but usually, the food options are meat-heavy. Hot dogs and hamburgers are great, but why not spice things up a bit and throw some veggies into the mix? Check out the infographic below for