5 Seniors Who Prove Age Is Just A Number

You sigh as another birthday comes and goes. You’re getting older, and you’re concerned that with more age might come more limitations. Plenty of stereotypes abound with regard to what happens when you reach certain ages, as you go through your 50s and then 60s, reaching your 70, 80s and 90s.

It’s certainly true that our bodies change as we age, but that does not always mean that our lifestyles, interests and activities must change, as well. In fact, people in their 80s, 90s and older are doing incredible, active things many people in the youngest generations wouldn’t even consider doing!

There are many seniors proving that an older age doesn’t mean you can’t be active, have fun, and achieve great accomplishments.

Check out five seniors below who prove age is simply just a number!

Anne Garrett

Every year, tens of thousands of Americans participate in half marathons throughout the country. Included in these participants are many, many individuals age 75 and older!

Anne Garrett is just one of those senior runners. At age 81, she’s not only running, she’s setting records, as well! According to Headlines & Global News, Anne began walking after her husband passed away, and she didn’t begin running until she was 72. At 80, she set an American 80-84 age group record of completing a half marathon in just 2:13:23. That’s an impressive time for an individual of any age!

If you’re considering running a half marathon this year, let the thought of Anne get you inspired to get training now.

Mark Sertich

CBS Sunday Morning had a great story in late 2015 about Mark Sertich, a man who continues to play hockey at age 94. He’s been playing since he was a little kid, and has never stopped! Check out the video below to see how Steve not only continues to enjoy playing hockey, but he manages to remain extremely competitive, even beating men generations younger than he is.

Anne Lorimore
Have you ever scaled a high peak? Have you scaled the highest peak in Africa?

Anne Lorimore has, and she completed the climb at 85-years-old!

Mount Kilimanjaro is approximately 5,895 meters tall. It’s quite the trek, and requires an average of 6 to 8 days to complete. That didn’t stop Anne, even when she caught the flu during the trip!

Catch more of Anne’s story on the Huffington Post.

Frederick Winter

Most children run the 100-meter dash during a field day or physical education class in elementary school. Many teens run it for gym class, or track and field extracurricular programs after school. Some college students continue to run competitively.

As it turns out, some 100-year-olds run it, as well!

On July 9, 2015, Frederick Winter became the oldest man in the history of the National Senior Games to complete the 100-meter dash. He finished the race in just 42.38 seconds.

Learn more about his story, and his competitors’ impressive race times, by visiting Sports Illustrated.

Kitty Cohen

Are you a baseball fan? Kitty Cohen is – a Blue Jays fan, to be exact. At 101, she threw out the first pitch. And at 103? She ran the bases!

We love this interview, taped back when she was 101-years-old. She’s active, she volunteers, and she helps raise hope for good causes.

Learn more about Blue Jays fan Kitty Cohen at MLB.com.

Age IS Just a Number

Seniors like the ones above prove that, by eating well and exercising regularly, we can give ourselves the best opportunity to continue doing the activities we love as we age.

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