Call to Action: Prevent Negative Mid-Year Coverage Changes


You commit to a health insurance plan.
Make the insurance plan commit to you.

Do you receive health insurance through the
New York State of Health marketplace?

If so, did you know that your health insurance plan
can change your prescription medication coverage
mid-way through the coverage year?

Currently, insurance companies can:
1. Remove necessary medications from
your formulary (drug list); and
2. Move the medications you need to higher cost tiers

These coverage changes interrupt critical
treatments for patients and significantly
increase out-of-pocket costs.

Contact your NYS Assembly Member
and NYS Senator
TODAY and tell them to 

Stop Insurance Plans from Making Harmful
Changes to your Drug Formulary
by Supporting S.5382/A.7707

To learn more about negative mid-year formulary changes
and to contact your NYS Senator and Assembly Member