Roadmap to Health Mobile Health Fair Tour NYC

Kicking Off NYC’s Roadmap to Health

New York Health Works announced a new program that will be the first step in educating and empowering New Yorkers to take charge of their health.

In January 2019, we will be launching a mobile health screening program in NYC called Roadmap to Health“el camino hacia la salud.”

Roadmap to Health will provide information and resources on health education and combating chronic disease to New York residents, starting with communities in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens – at no cost to participants.

The program seeks to remove barriers to health care by partnering with community organizations, health clinics and faith-based centers to provide direct services to individuals within their own communities. The program will include a mobile vehicle that will administer free health screenings, which will be administered by an independent medical screening firm. Biometric health screenings will be available at each event, as well as screenings such as total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, blood pressure and BMI.  Blood glucose screening, vision screening and a pulmonary function test will also be available at a number of events.

The health screenings will be administered by an independent medical screening firm. Services will be available in both Spanish and English, and information on where to seek further medical assistance within a community will be available for those looking for additional support.

Dozens of events will be held throughout the upcoming year providing various health care screenings and educational resources about health and wellness.

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