Life Science Job Openings

I noticed today that the New York Biotechnology Association (NYBA) posted new job openings on its website. NYBA’s site allows prospective employees to search for jobs across the country but it’s great to see that the two new postings are for employment opportunities right here in New York!

For me, this brings to mind the research done by the New York Business Council’s Public Policy Institute, which found that biopharmaceutical research and manufacturing, and life science jobs hold great promise for the economic growth of New York.

These are highly-skilled and well-paying jobs in a growing sector of the nation’s economy. Why not develop the infrastructure and financing to create and bring these jobs to New York? Especially since the PPI report also found that if the biosciences sector is properly developed and supported, it could be the engine to drive economic resurgence in New York. The full PPI report can be found here.

Do any of our readers know of additional sites or resources where bioscience career information is posted? If so, please share! And let’s encourage our state representatives to invest in biopharmaceutical research and jobs.

-Jaime Venditti, 2/2/12