Media Play for Prescriber Prevails

Yesterday, radio and TV interviews highlighted the importance of protecting our most vulnerable population by restoring prescriber prevails to the NYS Budget this year.

Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore Peter Rivera and Assemblyman Karim Camara appeared on Elizabeth Benjamin’s TV show Capital Tonight to discuss their concerns over the new Medicaid pharmacy benefits policy. Both Rivera and Camara talked in length on the issue and explained why the docotor or prescriber must have final say in the patient’s medication regimen. Here’s the clip from Capitol Tonight.

Also yesterday on Susan Arbetter’s radio show, Capitol Pressroom, Guillermo Chacon, President of the Latino Commision on AIDS, discussed why prescriber prevails is an important measure for all Medicaid patients but especially for the Latino community. Here’s a link to audio.

Legislative members, advocates and patients are urging Gov. Cuomo and legislative leaders to restore prescriber prevails back into the budget so patients will receive the necessary medications that their doctor prescribes. Here is a letter to Gov. Cuomo from  a group of minority members of the Legislature and minority advocacy groups. And here is a letter to the legislative leaders signed by a host of patient advocacy groups.

-Jaime Venditti, 3/23/12