Medicaid Managed Care Complaint Hotline

New York’s Medicaid program provides health coverage to over six million state residents, including low-income individuals and families, the disabled, and the elderly. It is important that all Medicaid patients have access to great coverage.

If Medicaid enrollees and/or their providers are having issues regarding their Medicaid Managed Care plans, they may file a complaint with the Department of Health.

There is a hotline available for Medicaid Managed Care enrollees and providers to use to file their complaint. The hotline can be accessed via email or telephone.

Email:   [email protected]

Phone: 1-800-206-8125

When filing, be sure to identify:

  • The Medicaid Managed Care plan;
  • The enrollee; and
  • All documents from and to the Medicaid Managed Care plan.

Note: Your medical records are not necessary.

Issues that you are having with your Medicaid Managed Care plan that are not within Department of Health jurisdiction may also be referred to in your complaint.

You can also file your pay complaints with the Department of Financial Services at