N.Y. Organization Aiming to Improve Diabetes Care

In its January 2012 issue, Health Affairs profiled the New York State Health Foundation’s diabetes campaign. The campaign is focusing on adults with type 2 diabetes and is encouraging practicioners to adopt the Chronic Care Model, which emphasizes the use of patient-centered medical homes.

As you may recall, we blogged about the use of patient-centered medical homes in a regional health collaborative study carried out in the Washington Heights-Inwood area of NYC. More information on that report is here.

Since diabetes is becoming more prevalent in New York, the Foundation’s goal is to improve quality of care so that avoidable hospitalizations and emergency department visits can be reduced.

Included in the new proposals made by the NYS Medicaid Redesign Team, the only expansion for diabetes care relates to podiatry visits for adults.

Check out the Foundation’s online resource center for helpful information on diabetes prevention and management.

-Jaime Venditti, 1/24/12