Updated: New Medicines In Development for Children

According to a new report, there are almost 300 new medicines in development that meet the health care needs of infants, children and adolescents. The medicines are currently in clinical trials or under review by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  The report also provides a glossary of childhood disorders, as well as leading causes of death for children and other facts about childhood diseases in the United States.  A helpful list of web links to advocacy, academic and informational websites is provided, as well as an explanation of the clinical trial and approval processes.

It’s exciting to see that nearly 50 of these new meds are being developed by biopharmaceutical companies located in New York.  The disease areas where New York companies are active include: arthritis and musculoskeletal, cancer, cardiovascular, genetic, infectious, neurological, psychiatric and respiratory.

Check out the report here.

For more information on clinical trials completed or under way in the United States, go to http://clinicaltrials.gov/ or http://centerwatch.com/.

For information on the New York Biotechnology Association, click here.

-Jaime Venditti, 1/18/12 and 1/23/12