Storm Response and Recovery Update

Both public and private sectors are taking steps to ensure Superstorm Sandy victims are still able to access necessary medications.

The NYS Department of Health released a guide for pharmacies and providers when assisting Medicaid patients during this State of Emergency due to the storm. The Guidance for Pharmacies During State of Emergency document refers to emergency fills of prescriptions and medical supplies required by Medicaid patients.

In the private sector, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufactuers of America (PhRMA) teamed up with the American Red Cross and other companies in the medicine supply chain to activate the Rx Repsonse with the goal of perserving public health during an severe emergency. It helps ensure the continual flow of medicine and gives emergency managers and patients information on open pharmacies in storm-affected areas.

Here is the Rx Response Pharmacy reporting tool to help locate open pharamcies.

-Jaime Venditti, 11/6/12