Ten Tips for Getting Active as the Weather Warms Up

Struggling to exercise in winter is only natural. But as the cold temperatures and inclement conditions of winter are coming to an end, there are some easy ways to emerge from wintertime and jump into different outdoor activities as temperatures rise. We collected a few tips and tricks to practice below. Remember to check with your doctor before taking part in new workout activities. 

  1. Ease into it. As part of a larger series of strategies for a healthy spring, the CDC recommends starting slowly and adding time, frequency, and/or intensity as the weeks go by.
  2. Make a plan. It’s a little harder to say no to exercise when it’s on your schedule. The CDC advises making a plan to workout, rather than relying on the moment to stay motivated, as a way to hold yourself accountable.
  3. Know thyself. Some of us are morning people, some like to take walks at night. When it comes to planning, observe those tendencies and schedule physical activity around more energetic times for you.
  4. Find strength in numbers. It’s not always easy to just be accountable to yourself. The CDC encourages individuals to find support from their family and friend group by inviting them along. Along with keeping you accountable, it helps pass the time!
  5. Be tactical. Small challenges can add up to big changes. One example: park further away than normal wherever you might be going to get more steps in.
  6. Yard work and housework count! Exercise doesn’t have to look like huffing and puffing. Things like vacuuming and gardening also get you moving. And who doesn’t love a little spring cleaning?
  7. Mix it up. The Move Your Way campaign from the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion recommends getting a mix of cardiovascular work, muscle strengthening, and working on your balance.
  8. Make sure you’re equipped. Equipment can help you get motivated and excited, says the Mayo Clinic. Something as simple as a new pair of walking shoes, a resistance band, or a basketball can spark (and maintain) a renewed interest.
  9. Monitor your progress. It’s hard to have a sense of how much, or how well, you might be doing if you don’t keep track of your progress. While it may be difficult to feel at the beginning, the small incremental improvements in your numbers can do wonders for maintaining your motivation.
  10.  Remember to rest! Good exercise always involves a rest period. Especially early on, make sure you’re listening to your body and allowing for an adequate amount of time to recuperate (and hydrate), says the Mayo Clinic. More could be lost injuring yourself than if you take it slow and steady.