Weekly Dose of Health News September 22 – 26, 2014

Weekly Dose of Health News September 22 – 26, 2014


Read where the US ranks near the bottom in infant mortality rates among the 29th wealthiest nations; how US diabetes rates have stabilized but continue to rise in minority populations and how a new study finds the uninsured rate for Hispanics dropped dramatically with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act… and more important health headlines in NYS all in this week’s Dose of Health News!


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo launched the Combat Heroin Campaign this week, which is designed to be a resource for New Yorkers seeking help for addiction and as an educational tool that discusses the risks of heroin and prescription drug use and signs of addiction.


The New York Times editorial page supports the extension of the Child Health Plus program, a largely federal program that is due to expire next year.


The NY State of Health posted a final roster and map of exchange health plans for 2015.  The information is available by county and includes plans for the individual and small business exchanges.  No plans pulled out of the individual exchange and only one pulled out of the small business exchange.


New York State Medicaid Director Jason Helgerson released a letter this week regarding the transition of behavioral health into Medicaid managed care.  The timeline for integration has been moved to April 1 for New York City and October 1 for the rest of the state.


The New York State Department of Health has posted the July Global Cap Report for Medicaid spending.


A new study by the Commonwealth Fund finds that the uninsured rate for Hispanics dropped dramatically with implementation of the Affordable Care Act.


More states are considering expanding Medicaid, an option made available under the Affordable Care Act, with Pennsylvania leading the way.


The United Hospital Fund is sponsoring its 25th annual Symposium on Health Care Services in New York on November 19.


The U.S. diabetes rate has stabilized overall, but continues to rise among blacks, Latinos and you.  Twenty-eight percent of persons with diabetes go undiagnosed.


Of the worlds 29 wealthiest countries, the U.S. ranks 26 in infant mortality rates.  In 2011, 24,000 American infants died before their first birthday.


In a new report, the Urban Institute looked at insurer network adequacy in six states’ Affordable Care Act health insurance marketplaces.


Go here to check out new New York State Department of Health meeting listings.


The New York Times wrote on surprise medical bills where patients are left with the bills for out of network care.  In March, a New York law will go into effect that requires insurers to notify patient in advance if a treating provider is in or out of the patient’s network and what the cost will be of care received outside of the network.  The new law is designed so that patients can make informed choices.