Your Weekly Dose of Health January 6, 2016

National News:

  • The Senate on Tuesday introduced legislation that sets a time-table for dismantling the Affordable Care Act. They have no plan for what they might replace it with.
    President-elect Trump tweeted his disapproval of both Democrats and the health law this week.
    Democrats, meanwhile, composed a letter urging Republicans to slow down their effort to repeal the law and to consider a compromise.

State News:

  • Governor Cuomo described this week the potential consequences to a repeal of the Affordable Care Act. According to him, as many as 1.9 million would lose their Medicaid health coverage and an additional 200,000 or more would lose their private plans. New York would lose more than a billion dollars in federal subsidies as well.
  • Governor Cuomo announced this week a budget proposal to expand the middle class child care tax credit, which he says would reduce child care costs for more than 200,000 families statewide.
  • Governor Cuomo vetoed legislation that would have created a new class of safety net hospitals. It also would have required the state to provide more Medicaid reimbursements to those hospitals.

Upcoming Events:

  • Click here for upcoming meetings, hearings and events from the state Department of Health.
  • The Empire Center for Public Policy is hosting a forum, Diagnosis: Disruption – HCRA, the ACA and NY’s Coming Healthcare Storm on January 10, 2017.