Your Weekly Dose of Health March 20, 2015

The Health Budget Subcommittee is working through the weekend to resolve the 2015- 2016 budget. Call your legislators and let them know that you want to protect and expand Prescriber Prevails. For more information, click here.

The Obama Administration today released the first major federal regulations regarding hydraulic fracturing.

An op-ed piece in the New York Times makes an interesting argument, suggesting that if the Obama Administration loses the Affordable Care Act Supreme Court case (King V. Burwell), they should comply with the judgment, but only with respect to the four plaintiffs who brought the suit.

The Senate included paid family leave in their one house budget. At first the governor wasn’t supportive, but now says his administration is studying the issue. The Assembly recently passed a paid family leave bill.

Final regulations on medical marijuana in New York State are still being hashed out, and should be released in about two weeks.

Scientists are working on creating pain killers that don’t cause a high, and are less likely to be abused.

The United Hospital Fund is hosting its annual Medicaid conference on July 16th. Register here.