Spring Into Health

Ah, spring is here. Flowers are beginning to bloom, birds are starting to chirp, but you’re still in winter survival mode, plugged into your video streaming account in your PJ’s with a bowl of popcorn. And who can blame you? Winter can be brutal. But, now it’s time to re-emerge, out from hibernation and into the world with the same amount of life and energy the world is starting to show you.

It’s time to spring into health. It’s time for your own personal spring cleaning.

Where do you start?

Inspire Yourself

Kiss your old, unhealthy habits goodbye and mentally prepare yourself for a new daily schedule. The hardest part of motivating yourself to become healthier is that desperate cling to comfortable habits. Start checking items off your to-do list. Shop with health in mind when buying groceries. Buy new gym clothes and gear, or dig out your gym clothes forgotten since last summer.

Clean out your house of old items you don’t need, like that empty bottle of shampoo you already replaced two weeks ago and that expired bottle of antibiotics from last year (use a safe disposal method, of course). Print out some inspirational quotes or goal-oriented images to hang around your living space. Surround yourself with motivation by weaving that fresh start into your environment.

Get Up and Start Moving!

Easier said than done – the second step can be the most difficult. You’ve prepared for a fresh start this spring, but putting theory into practice can be daunting. That’s okay though: getting active and getting healthy requires work, but the results are worth it!

This step relies on persistent execution: spend more time being active on a regular basis. Get to sleep earlier (and don’t hit the snooze on your alarm), and make sure you step outside and bask in natural sunlight at least once a day. Creating tangible daily and weekly goals for yourself can help you stay on track.

Hate going to the gym? As spring weather comes into full effect, you can take your exercise outdoors and get that healthy dose of fresh air you definitely need.

Change The Menu!

Spring and summer weather means that more local produce is now available. Take advantage of fruits and vegetables and use them in salads, smoothies, juices and even as healthy snacks all by themselves. Start drinking more water. Make juice or infuse water instead of purchasing sugary beverages.

Your nutrition plays a critical role in not only what you weigh, but how you feel. A healthy and balanced diet will help keep you active and energetic, while lowering your risk for common colds and ailments.

Rest Your Mind & Body

The fourth step is securing your mental wellbeing.

If you’re going to watch TV anyway (we understand, it happens), try watching a documentary on a topic you don’t know a lot about or motivates you to get involved. Meet friends for lunch instead of staying inside your stuffy office during the workweek. Call friends or family more and stay connected to your roots. Read books, and lots of them! There is no better mental exercise than reading. A healthy mind is essential to a healthy body, and together you’ll have a healthier you.

Spring is a great time for sunny, healthy starts.

You can make positive changes, and you’ll be so glad you did. Happy and healthy spring, everyone!